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About the Practice

Upper Bucks Orthodontics

Your care at Upper Bucks Orthodontics in Perkasie and Quakertown, PA with Dr. Robert A. Azarik begins with a complete orthodontic examination, state-of-the-art digital X-rays, digital photographs, study models (if needed), and assessment of your oral health. With this information, Dr. Azarik can make an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.

Once Dr. Azarik has completed your initial exam and diagnostic records, he will present a customized orthodontic treatment plan. He will also provide your general dentist with a copy of your treatment plan as well as a report once you have completed treatment. Plus, Dr. Azarik places all appliances and makes any necessary adjustments himself.

Comprehensive Orthodontic Capabilities

In the field of orthodontics, the more comprehensive an orthodontist’s capabilities, the more solutions he has to help patients achieve straight, attractive smiles. Dr. Azarik offers many correction techniques, plus he uses modern brackets, wires, and equipment.

  • Interceptive orthodontic treatment for children as young as age 7
  • Adult orthodontics
  • Traditional and gold-toned braces
  • Clarity™ cosmetic-clear braces
  • Mini-twin brackets for increased comfort
  • High-tech nickel-titanium archwires for more efficient tooth movement and less discomfort
  • Fluoride-releasing adhesives that provide strong and reliable bonding
  • Jasper Jumpers to correct overbite
  • In-office lab for prompt appliance fabrication
  • Fun, colorful elastics
  • Advanced sterilization procedures for maximum patient safety

For a personalized solution to your orthodontic issues, call Upper Bucks Orthodontics today at (215) 257-8011 for the Perkasie, PA office or (215) 538-2911 for the Quakertown, PA office. You can also make an appointment online at your convenience.