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Teenage Orthodontics

For Attractive Smiles and Increased Confidence

Upper Bucks Orthodontics

It is not uncommon for some teens to avoid smiling because they have crooked teeth. Crooked teeth can have profound effects on your teen’s self-esteem and social skills. Fortunately, Dr. Robert A. Azarik at Upper Bucks Orthodontics can help.

Dr. Azarik offers the full spectrum of orthodontic solutions for teens along with the credentials you can trust for your teen’s special smile. Dr. Azarik is the area’s first board-certified orthodontist and has been creating straight, attractive smiles since 1983.

Comprehensive Orthodontic Care for Teens

Once Dr. Azarik conducts a comprehensive exam and consultation, he will recommend an individualized treatment program. His comprehensive orthodontic care includes conventional, gold-toned, and Clarity™ cosmetic-clear braces.

Image-conscious teens can maintain their “cool factor” with Clarity braces because they are virtually invisible. Dr. Azarik also offers mini-twin brackets, which are smaller in size than traditional braces and offer increased patient comfort. High-tech titanium archwires work with all brackets and move teeth more efficiently and with less force, resulting in less discomfort.

If your teen is concerned that his or her braces are going to be uncomfortable, he or she will be happy to know that Dr. Azarik uses a gentle touch and does everything he can to keep his patients relaxed. He will also educate them on foods to avoid, proper care, and dental hygiene.

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